Pensacola Airport Direct Transfer

If you are not familiar with how airport shuttle services work at the Pensacola Airport, you should know that there are two main types of shuttle services , Direct Transfer and Shared Shuttle. A shared shuttle service is typically offered in larger markets, dictated by demand and does not operate at the Pensacola Airport. In Pensacola, this type of service will generally have designated pick up areas within a certain radius of the airport and will work a specific route, picking people up on the way to the airport. Thus, this service is similar to what a city transit service would offer. A common service in the Pensacola area is door to Door service and is occasionally offered with this type of service, but of course your rate will be higher for obvious reasons.

A direct transfer shuttle from the Pensacola Airport will generally pick you up at the airport and bring you directly to your destination or vice versa. They typically offer door to door service. With a direct transfer service, it may or may not be a shared service, but in Pensacola, Florida typically it is not. A direct transfer service will usually provide you with a higher level of luxury and comfort than would a shared service.

The rates for a shared service leaving Pensacola Airport Shuttle will be more in line with what a bus service would cost, whereas the cost to take a direct shuttle will be comparable with what an airport taxi would charge. However, with any type of shuttle service, you will usually get a better rate than a taxi. A taxi charges your by meter, whereas a shuttle service will normally quote you flat rate.

When Should I Use Penacola Airport Parking

When you are planning a vacation and are within a budget, Pensacola airport parking fees is an expense that should not be overlooked. In case you haven’t noticed, airport parking fees have been steadily on the rise over the last five years or so in Pensacola. Obviously, those that are going to feel the impact more so than others are those taking an extended vacation of two or more weeks. If you are lucky, you might find a private airport parking facility close in proximity to the airport that might provide a reasonable discount off what the airport would charge.

Before you plan your trip, check with the airport and find out what their daily parking fees are at the Pensacola Airport. You should find that $10.00 or $12.00 a day is a typical rate. Then check with services in the area and get a few quotes for a round trip to the airport. Bear in mind, that you will almost always get a better rate with an airport shuttle then you would with an airport taxi service. In this area of the country airport parking fees run around $10.00 a day and airport shuttles typically charge $5.00 for the initial pick up fee and $2.00 a mile. Thus, if you are leaving your car at the airport for two weeks, it is going to set you back $140.00. If you take an airport shuttle, the round trip will run you around $25.00 each way, or $50.00 for the round trip

A Guide to The Pensacola Airport